For what is this thought if all use consciousness

The mind is a tool, the name of the tool is to help us solve problems, so the mind cannot master. Equally analogous, the mind is like our housekeeper, it cannot control us, he is a servant under our control. How many people are deceived by thoughts where the mind finally becomes king. Master us and become the monthly month of mind, helpless with one’s own mind. Uncontrollable thoughts can move someone to do something, usually a bad thing. So many feel that their actions are not from themselves …


Good Now for what this thought is. We must master this suggestion so that we can use it as well as possible. For example, we have wood cutting tools, which are sophisticated, so we must study them properly so that they can produce a useful item. Just like the mind we must learn how to use the mind so that we can make the most of the mind. In the Quran the mind is used to think about the majesty of God, not to question why God did this and that. Even this is difficult if we do not master the mind. Who are we, ourselves, this awareness is our soul. How to activate the soul to be able to master the mind, the way is to rise to the top, the more up our consciousness, the more we can regulate our minds. Above what is meant? what is meant is to Allah. Yes, right to ALlah, the more we go to God, the more we are aware and we can use the mind correctly and maximally.


So our focus is now only on consciousness which is aware of God, this is what is meant by Nur Ilhai’s view, which is to see with Godly consciousness that is conscious of God, which will radiate to our thoughts and body and actions. That’s why I often say don’t use the mind but using consciousness!…


actually when we use awareness then the mind does not continue to not work, no.. our mind will still work even the work will be more optimal. When we realize God the mind will be free from the memory of the past and worries about the future, so that the work becomes light, what it does what we are aware of, if so then the mind will have more free space to work, and what are the benefits, the state of mind being more creative, inspiring various things and being more sensitive to the surroundings.


use awareness so that your mind and feeling are more optimal at work, or use your mind then it will  master you? Many people end up crazy because their thoughts are becoming more and more uncontrollable, if they don’t believe, please ask those who have recovered from insane diseases. They get to hear, see and feel when it’s just a thought, that’s hallucination.

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